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Name: Camilla Holgate

School: Meadowbrook High School

Theme: Limestone

Center Number: 100075

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Year of Exam: 2013-2014

Teachers Term: Mrs. Reid

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Task Title: Limestone

Name Of candidate: Litera Holgate

School: Meadowbrook High

Teacher: Mrs. Reid

Terrain: Jamaica

Stand of Items


Purpose of StudyPg 4

Location of StudyPg 5-6

MethodologyPg almost 8

Analysis & Discussion

Swamp, fen, marsh, quagmire Walk GorgePg 9-11

Bog Walk BridgePg 11

Lluidas ValePg 11-14

Ty DixonPg 15

MoneaguePg 16-17

Associated with LimestonePg 18

Benefits of LimestonePg 18

ConclusionPg 19-20

BibliographyPg 21

Purpose of Study

To recognize and make clear the processes which usually led to the formation of limestone in the areas of Bog Walk, Lluidas Bono, Ty Dixon and Moneague.


On May 20, a grouping of 4th form Geography learners from Meadowbrook High stopped at the different limestone areas of Lluidas Vale plus the Ty Dixon Caves in St . Catherine, and Moneague in St . Ann's. My spouse and i collected data by means of photography and writing down important specifics. As well as use of the feelings, visual being the most effective, along with tactile understanding which was as well effective. All of us went along to the different stops; I actually took my own notes and asked concerns thus elaborating on what I didn't grasp properly. While the tourist guide, Mr. Daley, explained the different features, expounded on their creation as well as presented suggestions for the SBA composition. This information rewards as extra information. I actually faced only one challenge that has been traversing the landscape in unsuitable shoes and inclement weather. Nevertheless I managed to get the essence of the areas and their features. I tried to capture the images on the camera as best as I could, simply by experimenting for different aspects, ranges and utilizing close ups to capture the general importance.

Analysis & Discussion

Stop 1: Bog Walk Gorge

The first prevent was along the road within the Bog Walk Gorge, located 5 a long way south in the Bog Walk Village one of many oldest historic towns in Jamaica. While at the this site, it was noticeable that the limestone feature shaped was consisting of pure limestone, because the brighter the rock is in color, is the more pure its formula of limestone is. It absolutely was also discovered that substance weathering, the change in the chemical composition and sometimes appearance of a rock, was operating upon the rock by means of carbonation. This can be a reaction of rainwater, carbon dioxide and limestone to create calcium bicarbonate, a weakened carbonic chemical p which is sencillo, making the rock easy to decompose when it comes into contact with water. Clints and Grykes were apparent, as noticeable in number 1 . 0, contributing to weathering. Clints and grykes certainly are a result of carbonation in the sluggish joints and cracks of a rock departing ridges and groves. The ridges are Clints as well as the groves are grykes.

Platter 1 . zero (Chemical weathering acting on the rocks)

The complete gorge is rich with lush and varied plants which makes for a few impressive and dramatic scenery. Another feature formed on the gorge was obviously a cavern, which is a large extensive cave using a deep step and interconnecting passages. When the roof of the cave collapses, large depressions called gosier result, and so the name " Swamp, fen, marsh, quagmire Walk Gorge”. The mountainous was formerly an subterranean river program which collapsed. The cliffs on both equally sides of the gorge seemed to still possess potential to collapse. The main river provides a tributary coming from the Above Dirt District positioned in St . Andrew. The major lake processes in the area will be Hydraulic Action, the large force of flowing normal water on the base...


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