Elizabethan Poor Regulations and the Not worth Poor

 Elizabethan Poor Laws and the Unworthy Poor Essay

Elizabethan Poor Laws and the Unworthy Poor

Defecto McFadden

Indiana University Institution of Sociable Work


From the Elizabethan Era, not worth poor was a label positioned on able bodied people that appeared to choose to not really work. They were often cured harshly and extreme instances, put to fatality (Shelly, 2011). In today's society such treatment would be uncommon. The take action of possibly labeling this kind of group of people or perhaps other groups is disappointed and even up against the NASW's The Code of Ethics (2008). When up against the variable billion buck price tag of welfare, we must make a distinction of who is valuable or unworthy to receive government assistance. Problem arises on how this can be refrained from impeding the rights in the poor.

Elizabethan Laws and the Not worth Poor

Over 400 years ago the citizens of England designed one of the first editions of our modern social welfare system. During this time period, the poor had been labeled as both worthy or unworthy. Older, widows, orphans and impaired were deemed worthy poor, while not worth poor included those that physically could work, but chose not to do so. They were typically severely penalized for their refusal to follow the expected cultural norms. (Shelly, 2011). The label of worthy and unworthy poor and controversy more than welfare maltreatment is with your life and well today. Just how many of our unworthy poor happen to be draining our tax dollars for casing, health care and food when they simply select not to possibly attempt to support their families? 1 government company that aids the country's poor can be Supplemental Nutrition Assistance System (SNAP). This season, in the United States there are over forty million people who received assistance. That is a boost of 29% from 2009 with a total price tag of over sixty-five billion us dollars of taxes payer cash. How a number of these poor had been truly in ‘need' of presidency assistance? And exactly how do we like a society determine who is deserving or unworthy poor? Illustrate

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