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Chemistry L.

Mrs. Halme

Objective: Your task should be to determine the density of 3 known metals: Zinc, Copper, and Lead. They are each marked. You should then estimate the density of an not known metal and determine the identity based on your data out of your known trials. Reagents: Not one



Copper mineral


Multiple Beam Balance

Graduated cyndrical tube

Unknown steel (Magnesium)





All of us observed the given equipment, and then placed 100 Milliliters of normal water into a graduated cylinder. Zinc

1 . We then positioned a sample of Zinc inside the graduated canister. 2 . Water level increased 4 milliliters. We subtracted the original 100mLof water from the 104mL of water with zinc in it. This kind of gave us the volume from the zinc, getting 4mL. several. We after that took the sample of Zinc and placed it on the Multiple beam Stability. 4. We recorded the mass with the sample by 36. 5 g.

a few. We after that recorded our results.

6. After that we divided the mass of the Zinc by the volume level. This giving us the density with the sample staying 9. a hundred and twenty-five mL/g. 7. We discovered the %error to be 28. 8%, by subtracting the result without the accepted benefit of the sample, multiplied by simply 100% divided by the accepted value.


1 . We then placed a sample of Copper in the graduated cyndrical tube. 2 . Water level rose 3mL. We subtracted the initial 100mL of water from your 103mL of water with Copper in it. This kind of gave us the volume of the Copper, getting 3mL.

three or more. We in that case took the sample of Copper and placed this on the Double beam Harmony. 4. All of us recorded the mass of the sample for 13. almost eight g.

your five. We then simply recorded our results.

6. Then we divided the mass of the Birdwatcher by the amount. This supplying us the density with the sample becoming 4. 6 mL/g. several. We found the %error to be forty eight. 4%, by subtracting each of our result without the accepted value of the sample, multiplied by 100% divided by the recognized value.

Business lead

1 . We then placed a sample of Lead inside the graduated canister. 2 . This particular level rose 6mL. We subtracted the first 100mL of water in the 106mL of water with Lead in it. This gave all of us the volume from the Lead, staying 6mL. several. We then took the sample of Lead and placed it on the Three-way beam Balance. 4. All of us recorded the mass with the sample by 84. 7g.

5. We after that recorded the results.

6. Then we all divided the mass of the Lead by volume. This kind of giving us the denseness of the test being 16. 12 mL/g. 7. We found the %error to become 24. 5%, by subtracting our consequence minus the accepted value from the sample, multiplied by completely divided by accepted benefit.

Unknown (Magnesium)

1 . All of us then placed a sample with the unknown material in the graduated cylinder. installment payments on your The water level rose 8mL. We subtracted the original 100mL of water from the 108mL of drinking water with the unfamiliar substance in it. This kind of gave all of us the volume of the unknown material, being 6mL. 3. All of us then had taken the test of the unidentified metal and placed this on the Double beam Harmony. 4. We recorded the mass of the sample in 14. 83g.

5. We after that recorded our results.

six. Then we all divided the mass of the unknown steel by the volume. This offering us the density of the sample becoming 1 . 9mL/g. 7. We found the %error to become 9. 2%, by subtracting our end result minus the recognized value of the sample, increased by totally divided by the accepted benefit.


Calculation questions

Zinc calculations

Volume- We found the volume by putting your Zinc in a graduated cylinder filled with 100mL of normal water. We seen that the water level rose to 104mL. We all then subtracted the original 100mL from the 104mL that comprised the Zinc. This offered us the amount, being 4mL. Mass- All of us found the mass of the Zinc by simply placing it on the multiple beam stability. This offered us the mass, becoming 36. 5g. Density- We all found the density simply by dividing the mass by volume. thirty-six. 5g divided by 4mL. This supplying us the density, becoming 9. 125mL/g. %Error- We all found the % mistake by subtracting the density (9. 125mL/g) from the recognized value (7. 14g), Increased by totally, then divided by the...


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