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Technical Field Treatment


Number| Title| Date| Additional Information

IS0871| Combat Godsend Course| |

4-25. 11| Initial Aid| |

Slide # Driving force

Slide # Tactical Field Care В В В В В


Technique of Instruction: В ConferenceВ В В В

Instructor to student proportion is: В 1: 5

Time of instruction (minutes): В 2: 30В В В

Media: В Power PointВ В В В

Port Learning Aim

Slide # В В В В В several

Action: Go over Tactical Field Care

Condition: Given a guided dialogue in a class room environment.

Regular: Discuss Technical Field Care to include:

5. Identifying when ever Tactical Field Care applies

* Medical treatments involved

Lesson Management Information

Slip # В В В В В 4

Safety Requirements: No Main Considerations

Risk Assessment Level: Low

Environmental Consideration: Not any Major Things to consider

Evaluation: None

Instructional Lead-In:

Discuss Black Hawk Down

Take note: В The learning step/activity is actually a one-sentence statement describing the training activity, preferably in scholar action terms.


Method of Instruction: В В В В В Conference

Trainer to pupil ratio can be: В 1: В В 5

Time of teaching (minutes): В В В 27В В

Media: В В В В В power point

Go # В В 5

Note: As soon as the tactical circumstance has changed and then you’re no longer below effective fireplace you have more hours to evaluate the casualty and give treatment for other accidental injuries. Remember, the tactical scenario will determine when and how much proper care you can provide. В В В В В

Slip # В В В 6В

Note: Because you approach the casualty make an effort to form a general impression of what happened and what types of traumas the casualty may possess. CPR does not save a whole lot of lives in patients who have traumatic accidental injuries. if your casualty has no heart beat, no respirations, and no indications of life CPR will not preserve them

Slide # В В В В В 7

Note: Reflect on previous hemorrhage control performed in Treatment Under Fireplace or discover and control any constant bleeding. Adhere to above guidelines depending on the place that the site in the bleeding can be found. Tourniquets intended for extremity wounds or hemostatic gauze if bleeding web page not amenable to tourniquet use

Glide # В В В В В 8

Note: Utilize the AVPU program to determine you casualty's standard of consciousness.

Slip # В В В В В 9

Note: В A Alert

Versus Can react to verbal commands

P Can simply respond to unpleasant stimuli

U Unconscious, unresponsive


Determine whether students have discovered the material offered by---

Review Learning

a. Soliciting college student questions and explanations

n. Asking concerns and getting answers from the college students.

1 . В В В В В What is Tactical Field care?

2 . В В В В В Where do you put the TQ?

3. В В В В В How do you really assess intelligence?

4. В В В В В

c. Rendering immediate responses in framework to the material presented and correcting college student misunderstandings.

Midpoint Summary (Recap)

We've talked about what Tactical Field Attention is and just how we deal with hemorrhage applying tourniquets and hemostatic real estate agents.

Instructional Lead-In

Glide # В В В В В 10

Note: Breathing problems will require one to open the casualty's IBA and uncover the upper body to look for accidental injuries. if you find one particular place a great occlusive g?te over the damage. Don't forget to spin the injury over and search for another injury on the back again. Apply a great occlusive bandage here as well. Transport the casualty inside the position of comfort in the event conscious or perhaps on the harmed side in the event that unconscious.

Glide # В В В В В 11


Slide # В В В 12

Take note: Once you have covered any wide open chest wounds you will need to keep an eye on your casualty's respiration. Your casualty might have some respiratory distress second to the injury they have. Screen the rate and ease of respiration over the next several moments. If your injury develops intensifying respiratory relax (it gets harder...


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